Iron Heat Activated Adhesive Velcro® Strip To Sheet – A Simple One Time Task!

Quick and easy, the heat activated iron-on adhesive permanently bonds to the sheet for lasting
attachment, even with washing!

Before ironing the heat adhesive Velcro® strip to the fitted sheet, have your child lay in bed next
to their SnuggleBug as you want the strip to be placed where you want the SnuggleBug to attach.

We recommend the SnuggleBug head be even with your child’s shoulder and the strip should be
approximately 6” in from the edge of the bed.

Mark the sheet for Velcro® placement (for best results mark along the top and bottom of the strip) using
an ink pen or a straight pin. You should be able to see the marks once you flip the sheet over.

Position strip on sheet, hold in place and flip sheet over – heat should be applied on the opposite side of
the sheet from where the strip is placed.

Be sure you’re satisfied with placement as the Velcro™ strip cannot be removed once ironed on!

To avoid damage, use a press cloth in between the iron and the sheet.

IMPORTANT: Do not iron directly on top of the strip!

To permanently bond, apply heat from iron with steam on high setting for 90 seconds, applying pressure
moving iron back and forth the entire length of the strip. Do not scorch sheet.

Allow to completely cool and then test by trying to lift the edges. If necessary, apply heat again.

Safe to machine wash and dry! Protective Velcro® strip included to cover the Velcro® strip on the sheet
when washing and drying.

Protective Velcro® strip may also be used to cover Velcro® strip on sheet when the SnuggleBug is not in

Additional Velcro® strips may be purchased.

Attached SnuggleBug To Sheet By Pressing Tummy Strip to Strip On Sheet

To Remove, Gently Pull Up!


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