Lifelong friends (and moms) SnuggleBugzzz™ creators Katherine Johnson and Pamela Quintana experienced very different bedtime challenges with their kids…

Bedtime at Katherine’s house included a story, kisses and hugs and wedging her son in bed with all his favorite “guys” (plush animals), only to pick his “guys” up off the floor in the morning and a few times too many, him too!

Pamela’s two kids had a million reasons why going to bed was NOT a great idea and like many households, bedtime was often exhausting, a match of wits, "may the better man win"!

Katherine searched for something friendlier than metal rails to keep her son from rolling off the side of his bed, and a fun routine could have helped Pamela lure her rascals to bed …

They also shared a similar desire to create something for kids that was lovable, innovative and functional… SnuggleBugzzz™ were born!

Knowing how important and special reading to your child as you tuck them in is, writing and publishing "Silly Sweet SnuggleBugzzz Dreamzzz" just seemed the natural next step, what a perfect bedtime combination!

This next year they plan to expand SnuggleBugzzz™ into additional plush characters, books and eventually into children’s bedding, pajamas and room décor!

So… cuddle up together with "Silly Sweet SnuggleBugzzz Dreamzzz" and tuck YOUR SnuggleBug into bed next to their cherished pal for a good night’s sleep!

kathy and pamela

Katherine lives in Minneapolis with her husband and nine year old son, Christopher.

Pamela lives in Albuquerque with her husband, daughter Jocelyn is pursuing graduate school and son Justin is in the Peace Corps.



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