Press and Praise

We’d like to thank the following companies for their generous guidance and hard work;

Michael Johnson, CPA, Michael D Johnson & Company,www.mdjohnsoncompany.com
Joanna Seymour, Custom Plush Toys, www.customplushtoys.com
Mark Pitzele, Book Printing Revolution,www.bookprintingrevolution.com
Lisa Coddington, Coddington Cottage,www.LisaCoddington.com
Gwyn Kennedy Snider, GKS Creative Services,www.gkscreative.com
Katie Welsh, Katie Welsh Photography,www.katiewelshphotography.com
Alicia Overby, Baby Elephant Ears,www.babyelephantears.com
Yonici, NoDesigns,www.bynodesigns.com
Bob Voss, Dakota County Technical College,www.customizedtraining.com

And of course, we’d like to thank our amazing families and friends for their invaluable support and encouragement!


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