Charming Companion Children’s Book!

“Silly Sweet SnuggleBugzzz Dreamzzz”

Cuddle up and read this sweet companion book as you tuck YOUR SnuggleBug in for a
good night’s sleep! Beautifully illustrated, this is a whimsical story of two SnuggleBugzzz
as they drift off to sleep having silly, sweet dreams!



                         Tucked in SNUG as two Bugzzz
                     From their TOES to their CHINS
                         Time for SILLY SWEET dreams...
                              NOW the nonsense begins!





Silly dream sequences cleverly integrate with SnuggleBugzzz™ plush bed bumpers… your child
will look forward to reading "Silly Sweet SnuggleBugzzz Dreamzzz" over and over



                     REALLY… what’s more SILLY
       Than a BATH with a CROCODILE?
                 What a RIDUCULOUS smile!





Most kids resist bedtime, they just do! And it’s no secret regular bedtime routines are essential for creating good sleep habits – we all know good sleep and good moods go hand in hand!

Tucking your child into bed next to their cherished SnuggleBug and reading "Silly Sweet SnuggleBugzzz Dreamzzz" is a bedtime routine that kids will actually look forward to!


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